Endorsement Quotes



‘It’s so rare to find a truly unique range in today’s saturated nursery market but Koeka’s clothing and accessories have genuine standout which is why I was so excited to find them! They are beautifully made from the very highest quality materials and the fabrics and finishes are stunning. My customers also love the unrivalled variety of fashion-inspired colour options available in all Koeka products.’ 
‘The Koeka range fits so well with our ethos of providing only the very highest quality items to our customers. Every piece is beautifully designed and most importantly the fabrics not only look and feel gorgeous but withstand tough use over time so we can have total confidence that our customers will still be 100% happy with their purchases months after making them.’
‘The Koeka range is very distinctly European in feel – from the clean cut lines through to the vibrancy of the colours and uniquely luxurious fabric finishes. There are some genuinely innovative products in the range too – such as the gorgeous Venice Wrap Towel with its kangaroo pouch and the Antwerp Foldable Sleeping bag which offers such a luxurious alternative to the usual man-made options.’
‘Koeka clothing is completely devoid of the twee colours and detailing that can be found in so many ranges and instead combines high end fashion detailing and cuts with gorgeously tactile fabrics and refreshingly contemporary colour options. Ever since its introduction in my shop my customers cannot get enough of the range and love the fact that it offers them something genuinely different.’
‘From day one, Angel Living, the exclusive distributors of the Koeka range have made supplying Koeka a breeze. They send us regular online updates on new product and colour options and their no minimum order policy means that there’s no risk in trying out new lines (although there’s mainly no risk because the minute I put them on the shop floor they fly off it!). Re-ordering is always easy too. I’ve never had to wait longer than a week from the moment of putting an order in to receiving it and more often than not it’s more like 48 hours. Angel Living also offer a fantastic direct despatch service too, which has really helped me keep some of my most loyal customers happy.’
‘Sam from Angel Living is always prepared to go the extra mile. When we first started stocking Koeka she was very happy to come and visit the shop in person and to help us create a compelling display. Being an interior designer she has a real eye for displaying the gorgeous products in this range and as a result they have sold brilliantly from day one. We couldn’t be more pleased.’