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Koeka Venice Wrap Towel review
Koeka Venice Wrap Towel Review :: Mummy News
July 2011
Two great reviews on (which has just recently re-launched with a great new design), including the following quotes:

"Truely innovative!" (sic)

"When I pulled the towel out I was amazed how soft it was - just right for a young baby's delicate skin."

"Normally my son moans and wriggles until he is dressed, however with this towel he seemed content to be snuggled so much I gave him his breastfeed whilst wrapped in it.   By the end he was asleep and apart from two occasions it has been that way every time... he obviously loves it."

"Gorgeous colour, great looking, so very soft."


"Retailing at £19.95, I think that this towel is worth every penny.  It has changed bathtime for us, making it a much calmer experience."

"He looked lovely and snug and must have felt secure as he immediately stopped crying."